Details about the House

The Eco-friendly 5000 square ft house surrounded by trees all around is in the middle of a 1.8 acre property, about 200 feet above the main road so one gets a feeling of being nestled in the middle of nowhere once inside. Natural light enters every room in the House through the roof.  It has a  TV Lounge and 3 spacious rooms all on the first level accommodating 12 people namely
The Red Room – 2 double beds,The Green Room - 1 double bed  Attic – 2 double beds,The Grey Room – 1 double bed.

A Study cum Computer Room.
A Kitchen, Dining Room, Pantry, Drawing Room (with a Fire-place ) at the ground level with of course plenty of balcony areas all around on both the levels.
Please visit the Photo Gallery to experience the property and its facilities.

Ekam in Chail Is The Holiday Home Of Your Dreams!

Your dream of living in a house in the hills has finally come true courtesy Ekam. Our property is just a few kilometres before Chail and it is nothing short of your dream holiday home! We have everything to pamper you, bathrooms with mesmerising views of the hills, couches from which you wouldn’t want to get up at all, and homecooked gourmet food that we take absolute pride in!

The Close To Nature Luxury That’ll Leave You Enchanted

Ekam is basically a nature-friendly property that has been built on one of the hills near Chail, away from the hustle bustle of the nearby towns. You’d love to know that not a single tree was cut to build Ekam. We’ve built this property in the space that was available to us in between the trees. Also, the road leading to the house is self-made, interestingly, the road took as long to build as the house did. We have our own vegetable garden where we grow a number of fruits and veggies. Ekam is proud to house around 400 fruit trees and over a hundred pine and deodar trees stand tall around the property.

About The Peaceful Property

Upon entrance, you’re invited by a cosy drawing room on the right that has extremely comfortable couches and chairs for you to sink into. The fireplace in this room makes it all the more comfortable. The drawing room opens up to a peaceful sit-out on the right from where you can view a breath-taking sunset every evening. On the left of the entrance is a big dining room that also has a cute little tea counter that offers a lovely view of the neighbouring hills. Separating the drawing and the dining rooms is an exquisite wooden staircase that takes you to where your rooms are.

The Feeling of Being Home!

We have a big bookshelf full of books and magazines ready to greet you as soon as your climb up the stairs. Three of the four rooms of Ekam are here. Bang in the middle is the comfortable living room equipped with a home theatre system. This room opens up into a balcony that overlooks the sit-out below. From here you can enjoy the views of the surrounding hills and can even trot into wilderness on a trekking trail that we’ve built for our nature loving guests.

4 Rooms – 4 Different Ways To Enjoy Ekam

We currently have 4 rooms at Ekam, each with a unique charm of its own! We’ve tried to make the bathrooms as beautiful as the rooms because we understand the relaxation that one would feel from taking a steamy shower with a lovely view of the hills. Three of the four rooms have balconies and each balcony is different in its own sense. We at Ekam strongly believe that we should exist along with nature and enjoy everything that it has to offer, be it sunlight, rain, darkness, lightening etc. and not shut it out like we do in the cities, which is why each room has a sun-roof.

Our Chef Is At Your Service

We have an in-house master-chef to take care of all your culinary needs. We’re sure you’ll like some of our signature recipes, especially the desserts.  He will cook everything you ask for, and will even surprise you on his own sometimes. Do ask him for his recommendations, you’ll be in for a treat!

Wifi Internet

We have an in-house Wifi Internet Dongle for your Basic Internet Needs , although due to the area , network and weather ,it may be suitable for more general/basic stuff like chat,email ,etc and NOT heavy video downloading.Kindly keep that in mind and Anyways ,we encourage you to Relax and Connect with Nature