Anvita Tantia

Anvita Tantia

—We visited Ekam Villa, Chail as a group of 8. We booked the entire main house and our experience deserves a review. Though we’re physically back home after spending 4 days at Ekam, mentally we are still there, and have left behind a part of us along with some beautiful memories.
I think it would suffice to say that we could not only find a single fault with the property, but everything was actually better than we expected. The serenity and peace, the unbelievable architecture and interiors, the freshness of the linen, the thought behind all the open spaces and seating spaces, I could go on and on. A lot of care and thought has gone into this place.
What deserves special mention is the food. It was an entity in itself! My personal favourite was the wood fired pizza, but we absolutely loved everything we ordered and ate, at times, even re-heated and enjoyed.
I must also mention the genuinely brilliant service of all the 4 staff, such pleasant people, always ready to help with a smile!
In current times, we could have asked for nothing better than a place like this and this property surpassed all our expectations.
I hope you will accept our sincere gratitude for making this experience a part of of our memories.


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